Monday, August 26, 2013

Snow and rain fell from heaven this year and refilled a very shallow lake to full pool. The residents found out during the winter months that there was "seepage" under the spillway and this was offered as the reason the lake had gotten so low. I'm not sure this seepage has been addressed as of this writing because the lake has receded back down about two feet since spring even though we've had ample rain this year. Of course, it's August and summer heat has finally found us without bringing us more rain in the mix. Still, Lakewood living thrives! Docks are being repaired and so are the marinas. Yesterday was simply a gorgeous day to be out on the lake and several people were. As I was floating around on my raft I could see bikers, joggers, walkers, pontoon tie-ups, kayakers, fishers, and I thought to myself what a wonderful life, and I gave thanks to my Creator. The garden club installed three new decorative wind turbines at the dam that were lazily turning in the soft summer breeze, and the lake temperature was so perfect, it was hard to make myself get out. This year people have truly used the lake and I believe yesterday's users were trying to grab it for all it's worth, knowing that fall isn't too far away. School has started and the pools will be closing this holiday weekend, but there is so much to do in Lakewood the homeowners will be able to continue lake living to the fullest. The Book Club will still suggest books to read before each meeting, the Garden Club will have guest lecturers and gardening tips, the Activity Committee will be planning activities for homeowners throughout the winter, the workout room will still be available to those who like to workout, joggers will still be jogging, bikers will still be biking -- and even though the lake will get too cold to swim, the die-hard fishermen will still be out fishing! Lakewood is a great place to call home. You should try it.

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