Monday, August 13, 2012

A Long Hot Summer

I always lament "Where has summer gone?" This year it has gone by way of the desert! Days on end have been filled with sunshine, extreme heat, and absolutely no rain. Our beautiful lake is down about six feet and looks so sad -- especially back in the coves where there is no water. These coves are now filling with weeds which always seem to thrive in dire conditions. Some homeowners have hydrated their yards while the majority have let their grass go dormant. The trees are very stressed and dropping their leaves in an effort to save themselves. It is obvious that some trees are past saving themselves. On a positive note, having a lower lake level allows the Lakewood Association and the Lakewood community to do some cleaning around the shoreline. Docks are being repaired and some homeowners have put in new seawalls in anticipation of the lake refilling. The swimming pools have been open every day with no rainouts and residents have put them to good use. The main clubhouse pool area has been remodeled with several fountains for kids to play in, and a new super waterslide that I must admit I've enjoyed using as much as the kids. Despite the heat, runners are still running, bikers are still biking, and lake life seems to be going on non-stop. My son and I have used the lake nearly every day to swim, float and relax, all the while thanking God for the priviledge of living in such a great community.

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